Golf Operations


Golf Operations at DLF Golf & Country Club are conducted by a department dedicated to ensuring the smooth running of all aspects of the game on the Course. It is headed by a manager who is assisted by a team of 6 people whose core job is to ensure member comfort.

Online Booking System
We have an online booking system and each golfing member has his/her own unique password and id, therefore enabling him/her to access the tee-sheet from anywhere around the world.

The Course is a Cart-Course with cart-paths connecting each hole. We maintain a fleet of 76 battery-operated carts, and these can be hired, if desired. This Summer as a relief for our members from the scorching heat, GOLF CARTS have been allowed inside the course for the months of April, May & June w.e.f Saturday the 27th March 2010. . However, carts are not mandatory as we firmly believe that the true spirit of golf lies in walking the Course.

Unlike other Courses in India/around the world, which have casual or no caddies, we have an in-house strength of 100 trained & permanent caddies. A caddy is mandatory whether you walk or take a cart. If on a cart-a caddy can be shared between two golfers.

A friendly marshall can always be found patrolling the Course, monitoring the pace of play, and is ready to give rulings, if required.

Handicapping Software
We use the US PGA handicapping guidelines and monitor our members’ handicaps on a monthly basis.

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